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Who Says I.T. Has to be Complicated
Are I.T. challenges slowing you down? When time is literally money, you should be focusing on needs the needs of your clients and not stressing over complicated technology. We can help you streamline your I.T. so you can be more productive and spend more time on your clients.
We Make I.T. Easy
Frustrated By Continuous Computer Problems?

BlissVector Tech provides its clients with a solution for their I.T. needs that include; good communication skills to understand what our clients’ needs are, a well-rounded knowledge of the Information Technology landscape to provide a solution, backed by integrity in our work to follow-up and make sure the solution was right for you!

You want technology to work without having to think about it. You’re tired of unreliable I.T. vendors. You’re ready for a dramatically improved I.T. experience!

Frustrated by

Continuous Computer Problems?

BlissVector Tech provides its clients with a solution for their I.T. needs that include; good communication skills to understand what our clients’ needs are, a well-rounded knowledge of the Information Technology landscape to provide a solution, backed by integrity in our work to follow-up and make sure the solution was right for you!


we make I.T. happen

IT Management

BlissVector Tech offers a wide range of I.T. management options that fit the budget and need of any size company. From licensing and software installs to troubleshooting and updates, when you consider I.T. management with BlissVector Tech, you can leave the “tech” to us! This allows you to get back to what’s important, the success of your business and what you love to do!

Threat Mitigation

Did you know it is estimated that in the U.S. a cyber crime is committed almost every 22 seconds? At BlissVector Tech we prioritize the management of your I.T. security. From hardware firewalls all the way to anti-virus software updates, trust in knowing your I.T. assets are protected brings you peace of mind.

Data Security

Let’s face it, as your business grows, so does your technology. The need for tech security to stay competitive and effective becomes a major priority. BlissVector Tech sets itself apart from the competition by providing consulting and management services specializing in data security and networks.


In today’s I.T. world we see a lot of cloud services, application development and faster and more powerful PCs. But, what about the infrastructure that is connecting all of our devices? Whether you are looking to upgrade your Wi-Fi or looking to boost the speed of your network, BlissVector Tech can provide the solution to your I.T. problem.

We Build the Best Cryptocurrency Mining Machines

Enjoy the freedom to mine any cryptocurrency you wish.  Grow your wealth as your mining rig earns revenue even while you sleep.  Remotely monitor your mining rig status and earnings from your smart phone, tablet or web browser.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the hardest to mine unlike coins like Shiba INU , Cardona, Cat Girl, Polkadot, Dogcoin, Chainlink, Jasmy, CRT, XRT, or CRV.

To mine Cryptocurrencies efficiently, you need a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig — a computer designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Mine Cryptocurrencies — and some Crypto-currency Mining Software, like MineOS, to handle the processing and optimization side of things.

Custom High-End Gaming Computers

At BlissVector, we know that building the world’s most advanced custom gaming computers is an art. It takes skill and attention to detail for each component of your new system—from inventory allocation to assembly testing quality assurance; it’s all done in-house by skilled technicians! That means when you buy from us not only will gamers get unparalleled performance but also peace knowing they’re getting exactly what their money deserves: The best handcrafted product possible and a truly amazing gaming experience like no other.

Computer problems driving you crazy but you don't know who to trust to fix it fast?

Today, there are many I.T. companies that will promise the “lowest price” to win your business but then nickel-and-dime you while delivering substandard support, cutting corners and not doing what you pay them to do. At BlissVector Tech, our proactive approach to identifying problems and suggesting fixes keeps your business up and running and avoiding costly downtime.

Slow internet?

Help desk not responding quickly?

Data not backed up?

Unreliable Wi-Fi?

Cyber-Security lacking?

Inefficient remote working?

Have you outgrown your current I.T. support?

vendors we work with

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Enable Work From Home

To work remotely, you need tools for collaboration, communication, and coordination — such as voice, chat, video, desktop sharing and conference calls — to stay connected to your team and your customers. Security is also a major issue for businesses of any type.

Help the I.T. Team

With BlissVector on your side, you can help your I.T. team in their journey to stay ahead of the curve. Because we’re continually upgrading our services, your I.T. team won’t be limited when powerful new solutions emerge in the future.

Integrate Multiple Business Sites

Seamlessly connect your offices on a single Unified Communications system. Eliminate the expense of long-distance calling with instant messaging, file transfer, free calling between sites, and desktop sharing.

Reduce Costs

It’s a challenge to do more with less – especially when you’re responsible for the mission-critical infrastructure that keeps your business running. Fortunately, BlissVector is here to help. Our services help you to not only reduce the cost of maintaining your network services and infrastructure, but will also ensure that they’re never obsolete

Ensure Business Continuity

A wayward excavator can bring your business to an abrupt halt as certainly as a flood, seismic tremor or tropical storm. Secure your strategic applications, frameworks and information in case of a disaster, equipment failure or power outage.

Your I.T. problem solver is just a call away

Start your brand with a domain name

Reliable website hosting, email, and affordable domain prices.

*Pricing excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

Success Stories

Curtis at BlissVector Tech fixed my WiFi network. He also was able to setup my printers to all print from my networked computers in the office. I really find value in being able to call in and have someone onsite same day! Their remote support has been very helpful too.
John Lee
Joey and Curtis built all of my websites. They have always been ready to answer any questions I have had about purchasing and installing new software for my business. Curtis has always gone the extra mile training me how to use new software apps. Not your basic computer guy experience!
April Montgomery
The guys at BlissVector Tech have helped us out many times installing long-range network extenders around many of our apartment complex clients sites. Flawless, every time! Thank you BlissVector Tech!
Bobby Zen


California USA

Rid yourself of I.T. problems, let us be your managed services provider!

Our I.T. support specialists are also ready to provide you with expert advice and help you analyze, plan, implement, and make the most out of your I.T.

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